Terms and conditions of sale

The products offered on www.csc-italy.com are sold by CSC, with address at Via della meccanica,1  41018 San Cesario, Modena, VAT number 00179800362. Buying and selling of the available products on the website are defined by the General Condition of Sale following described and is considered integral part of the purchase contract of every product on this e-commerce. CSC has the right to change in every moment these General Condition of Sale, the modifications will be effective only for the orders presented after the date of change.

Purchase order

All the products available on the website can be sold 24 hours per day. The characteristics and prices of the product are present in every data sheet. To make a buy on www.csc-italy.com the registration is mandatory and the client will have to complete the order presenting all the information needed by CSC in order to deliver the goods. In every moment the client can select the products of his interest and insert the objects on the virtual trolley, later it is possible to buy or eliminate them. The order is considered like a contract proposal from the client, CSC will confirm it by sending an email. All the prices shall be considered in euro currency, all modifications or discounts  won’t be effective for the ongoing orders or already delivered. In case of errors in pricing on the website, will be our responsibility to inform the client before the payment and correct the billing.


The purchases can be done with the following payment methods:

Paypal: The buyer will have to insert his data to enter in the Paypal’s account, instead it is no needed any information of the credit card.

Credit card: All the data entered from the customer are protected by the certifications VBV ( Verified by VISA) and SCM ( Security Code Mastercard).

Bank transfer: The client will have to insert in the purpose of the bank ,the code of the purchase received by email, the order will be prepared and shipped only when CSC will get the payment. Delivery times are calculated from the date of the shipment. If the payment won’t be received after 7 days from the purchase order on the website, it will be considered cancelled.


The invoice, if needed, will be sent by paper mail or via email to the address entered during the registration.

Force majeure

In case of force majeure or fortuitous event, CSC will not be responsible for any delay or non delivery cases. Furthermore, the company reserves the right to cancel totally or partially and to suspend or modify the contract.

Shipments and delivery time

The cost of any shipment is 20 euro. If the amount is over 300 euro the shipment is free in all the European Union.

Commodity check

The customer or the person in charge needs to check, when he receive the commodity and in presence of the transporter, number and integrity of the boxes delivered. In case of problems it’s important to report quickly in the DDT(documentation of transport) some issues or differences respect the agreement. This document must be signed and given back to the transporter, furthermore the client have to contact CSC to warn about the case. If no issue is reported until 8 days from the delivery, the product is considered well dispatched and no claims can be accepted in the future.

Satisfaction guarantee

In case of dissatisfaction, the customer will have 10 days to request a replacement product or refund. The products must be returned intact and complete with all accessories, in their original packaging and with an adequate external cover, otherwise they will be rejected and sent back to the sender. All returns must be authorized by CSC calling the number 059-952611, the company will collect the goods by its logistics for free. CSC reserves the right to ask to the customer the transport documents (DDT). In case of justified claims by the client for defects, CSC has the right to choose if replace the defective goods with other goods not defective or support repair cost. The right to any form of guarantee does not apply if the defect reported is due to fault, negligence,  willful misconduct , improper storage operations and in any other case that cannot be attributable to CSC, especially from the use not in accordance with the instructions or tampering.


The user data collected during registration to the website are treated by CSC in compliance with current legislation on protection of personal data, regulated by the privacy code D.L.196 30.6.2003  and in accordance with Recommendation no. 2/2001 that the European Authorities for the Protection of Personal Data, the Group established by Art. 29 of Directive no. 95/46 / EC, adopted on 17 May 2001 to establish minimum requirements for collecting personal data on-line in the European Union.


A part from what is included in sections 7 and 8, it remains excluded every compensation for damage of any sort incurred by customer or third parties, and all other obligations different from those explicitly reported here.Under no circumstances CSC will be liable for any indirect damages (damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of information or other economic losses) that may face the customer for the execution of the contractual obligations.

Competent court

Who makes use of the products and services offered by CSC accepts that the Court of Modena shall have sole jurisdiction over any disputes arising in relation to these Terms and Conditions.